Weifang huaxia bentonite Co., Ltd, which founded in 1993, is located in weifang city , shandong province. The manufacture area is more than 200000 square meters. There are about 20 senior engineers and over 100 employees in the factory .
Weifang Huaxia Bentonite Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer of bentonite in China.We specialize in research, development and production of bentonite. Company products are widely used in petrochemical industry, casting, the metallurgy pellet, geological prospecting, foundation engineering, paint, rubber, feed, pesticide and so on various areas. With the company well-equipped, 16 modern production lines , daily output can reach more than 600 tons, annual turnover of nearly 200000 tons.



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  • Web:www.wfhuaxia.com
  • E-mail:chan@wfhuaxia.com
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  • Address: Office in Auatralia


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